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Save the Arctic Refuges from Oil Drilling... - Politics 101

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March 16th, 2005

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11:26 am - Save the Arctic Refuges from Oil Drilling...
"We are hours away from the vote to save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the heat is on thanks to your efforts over the last 24 hours. A vote is expected around 1:00 PM EST and floor debate begins at 10:15 AM EST. Tune in and watch live on C-SPAN2.

In the last 24 hours we have seen an amazing display of our johnkerry.com community's ability to quickly mobilize - and a passionate outpouring of commitment to the Arctic Refuge. And you got the attention of the Republicans too. In fact late last night Republican leaders came to the floor of the Senate to complain directly about our Citizens' Roll Call to stop this special interest giveaway.

So far, a quarter of a million citizens - more than 260,000 people, have signed our Citizens' Roll Call in support of the Cantwell-Kerry Amendment to prevent the oil drills from invading one of our greatest natural treasures. With the roll call vote in the Senate fast approaching TODAY, we must keep the pressure on - and our Citizens' Roll Call growing.

Sign the Citizens' Roll Call today:


With support from grassroots activists across the nation, we are running an online advertising campaign in six critical states that are home to the Republican senators who now hold the future of the Arctic Refuge in their hands.

If you haven't acted yet, please take ONE minute now to sign the roll call and, if you've already signed, use that minute to forward this message to friends and colleagues.
The vote that could decide the future of the Arctic Refuge is going down to the wire. Let's keep working until we win. Your actions today are making a critical difference.


John Kerry"

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Date:March 16th, 2005 05:46 pm (UTC)
LOL you beat me to it. Good job.

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